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David Mannesse, a Dutch, Amsterdam-based pianist, started playing the piano from the age of 8, as part of a classical music-loving family. Whilst developing his talent steadily, he first went to study dentistry and medicine. After 2 years however, he changed course to study at the Conservatory of Arnhem, the Netherlands. During his studies, he was first invited to play, with great success, on a live broadcast for Dutch Classic Radio at the Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He played compositions made by Herman Strategier, a well-known Dutch composer, who wrote 6 preludes for his birthday in 1986. The preludes were also released by Donemus, a national publisher of Dutch music.

Accompanying singers at master workshops (in the past).

  • 1990: he successfully passed his piano exam. Afterwards, he continued his solo piano-playing development through private lessons by Maestro Willem Brons and Jan Wijn of the Amsterdam Conservatory.

  • 1993: he made his debut with Hans Zomer in a Schumann program, fulfilling the role of accompanistand soloist at the Recital Hall of the Royal Concertgebouw. David returned to this intimate hall, which caters for 400 people, many times thereafter.

  • 1994: David recorded Strategier’s most important Pianoworks at Globe, a label for special and exclusive international recordings, which then sparked invitations to perform on Dutch national television, radio and concerts, in large part due to his ever-growing skill and knowledge of classical music.

  • 1996: solo program at Royal Concertgebouw, encompassing Pianoworks by Strategier, Scarlatti, Chopin and Händel-Variations by Brahms.

  • 2009: South America tour with Dutch opera singer Tania Kross in a Spanish program, compositions by de Falla and Albeniz (Peru: Lima, Trujillo - Curaçao: Willemstad).

  • 2010: solo radio concert at the ‘Spiegelzaal’ of the Royal Concertgebouw to celebrate the release of The Waltzes, Chopin.

  • 2012: solo performance at the Recital Hall of the Royal Concertgebouw (Moonlight Sonata, van Beethoven).

Solo concerts abroad
: Italy, Perugia (solo concerts)
2003: United States, Pittsburgh (solo concert)
2004: Sri Lanka (invited for benefit concerts shortly after Colombo tsunami)
2008: Uganda, Kampala (2 solo concerts and masterclass piano)
2010: Switzerland, Rorschach, Sankt Gallen (solo concerts)
2012: Germany (private concerts)

2018: Spain, Tenerife (solo concerts)

1994: Pianoworks, Herman Strategier (GLOBE 5124)
2002: Early Pianoworks, Rachmaninov (DMP 0201)
2008: Utrecht Chamber Orchestra Trajectum (3 Beethoven concerts)
2010: The Waltzes, Chopin (DMP 1002)
2014: Joris Geurts (8 short piano pieces)

David has performed at numerous public concerts, radio broadcasts, premieres, new compositions and festivals with many talented musicians. He provides masterclasses at his piano studio near Leidseplein, Amsterdam. He has been developing his improvisation skills over the past 6-10 years and now mainly does improvisations at his solo concerts, inspired by composers such as Beethoven, Chopin and Debussy. He's also well into nature, art, colours and essential oils!

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